Rice Krispie Chicken Nuggets

Last night I was on the look out for something different to do. I had some lovely fresh chicken breasts available but having had pasta the day before didn’t fancy that and the weather was too warm for the Monday night “roast” they had been bought for. I hit up Google for some ideas and came across suggestions for various crunchy cereal coatings for chicken and fish and as luck would have it we happened to have plenty of most of the options suggested! The ones I found all suggested marinades and herby additions which me and Poppy would probably have enjoyed but the key to making dinner for the fusspots (husband and Izzy) is to keep it simple! It worked and was a hit all round, even with the littlest, Bluebell, who was able to gum down some extremely slim cuts (I am nervously embracing baby led weaning). I served them with mashed potato and loads of veg, some of which Izzy actually ate too! So here we go…

For the four and a bit of us I used:

Three good sized chicken breasts, a bowl of rice krispies, 1 egg, a splash of milk, flour and some frylight spray oil.

First I got some little helpers to smash the heck out of the rice krispies in a sandwich bag with a mini rolling pin. As they reduced the cereal to fine crumbs I diced the chicken into good chunks and floured them. Then I asked the biggest (Izzy) to prepare the egg with the splash of milk, she whisked together well, and put it on a plate with a rim. I transferred the floured chicken chunks to the egg plate a couple at a time and made sure they were totally covered. I put the cereal crumbs onto a big plate and put the eggy chicken on there, turning with a fork to coat them (I originally started out with my fingers but they were so covered in egg that the crumb kept coming off the chicken and coating me instead – the fork worked well to leave the crumb on the chicken where it belonged!). I had a couple of baking trays greased with a few good squirts of the Frylight oil standing by and as the chicken nuggets got dusted I placed them on there. Once they were all on the trays I gave one squirt of oil from above just for moisture and browning and popped them into the preheated oven (190°C) I left them in for 10 minutes before turning them over and giving them another 10 minutes but it will depend on how big, small, fat or thin your strips are. We like ours quite chunky!

Already been asked for them again and it was nice to get the girls in the kitchen with me on a project that required so little assistance from me so I could do the sharps and hots without lots of interruptions! Any recipes for an easy tomato ketchup I could whizz up would be gratefully received!



That’s my jam :)

I tried my hand at jam making for the first time this weekend and since it was a success I thought I’d share with the group. 🙂

1. 300g frozen raspberries

2. 1 lemon, juiced and halved

3. 1 cup granulated sugar

4. 1 frozen side plate or saucer

5. 1 jam jar and wax disc (sterilise the jam jar by putting it in the oven at 150C for the duration of your jam making or by putting it in the dishwasher if you’re lucky enough to have one!)


1. Put both the juice and skin of the lemon into a large saucepan with the raspberries, warm over a medium heat until the fruit is quite mushy, stirring regularly.

2. Add the cup of sugar and stir in thoroughly, turning the heat up high until the mixture reaches a rolling boil (should still be quite turbulent even while you stir it).

3. Once the boiling mixture has begun to thicken and bubble a bit less violently, start timing for 3 minutes.

4. Take saucer/side plate out of the freezer and once the timer signals the end of your boiling time take the saucepan off the heat. Put a little of the jam onto the saucer and allow it to cool for a few minutes.

5. Test the jam by pushing it with your finger and if it wrinkles it’s ready, if it doesn’t then put the saucepan back on the heat for another minute or two and the plate back into the freezer (some people advise different plates but I have a freezer full of food so not enough room for my crockery cupboard in there as well!). Take it back out and once again take the pan off the heat when you’re ready to test again. Repeat as necessary.

6. Once you get that delightful wrinkle get your (very hot!) jam jar and lid out of the oven. Remove the lemon rind from the jam and give it another stir for good measure before tipping it very carefully into your jar. You could use a sterile jam funnel but that would make life simple lol!

7. Pop the wax disc on top of the jar, pop the lid on and turn it upside down for a couple of minutes. I don’t know why, I just read somewhere that you should do it so I did (lemming).

That’s it until it cools. When I first finished I was paranoid it might be solid inside the jar and nearly opened it to check (didn’t want to do that as it was a gift for my mum). Thankfully a good single shake resulted in the jam shooting to the top of the jar and then oozing slowly back down to the bottom when I put it down. I tried a bit from the pan on some crusty bread and butter and was so pleased with it, and since giving it to my mum I have had rave reviews from family, as well as my mum asking if I would consider having a stand at their village summer fete selling cakes and preserves (Woah, only done one jar so far mum lol!).

Would love to know if anyone else has success with this or any other jam recipe.

TTFN xxxx

(Recipe and method from a mish mash of ‘All Recipes’, ‘BBC Good Food’ and several different sites then adapted according to whatever looked right in the pan!)

Sneaky mummy…

Our three year old daughter Izzy suffers terribly once a month from constipation and despite having once upon a time been a keen eater of fruit and veg is now vehemently against eating anything green, anything orange unless it is spaghetti or any apples.  In short all soluble fibre which might help her monthly problem is a strictly no go area!

Last night Darren and I once again went through the process of stroking her hair and holding her hand as she screamed and writhed as finally her body managed to evacuate itself of solid matter and finally we cooed and soothed as she sobbed that she had been very brave girl hadn’t she and fell into the best sleep she has had this week. We hate this problem with a passion. Not least because as a sufferer of IBS I know how she feels and how painful it can be and to see my baby suffering with it too is horrible. Doctors keep telling us that some kids just get constipated a lot and hand over a prescription for lactulose or movicol while Darren and I desperately try to convince her to just try some carrots or apple or brown bread.

Today Darren successfully got her to have brown bread toast (yay!) and I have pondered on how to get some fruit or veg into her. The answer was sitting in front of me in the cupboard… she loves spaghetti which at least takes care of one of her five a day (thank goodness for tomato sauce!) and I know tomato helps but beside that was one of Poppy’s jars of pureed carrots. Having sneakily decanted it into a bowl I asked Izzy if she wanted to help me cook her lunch… can rely on her to say yes every time! So she mixed in the secret sauce and added a touch of pepper from our broken pepper mill (she likes pepper but if she used the working one her dinner would have been covered so I add that for her at the end), put it in the microwave and counted as it turned, did more stirring and finally she served it up into a bowl to have with her fishfingers.  She was so proud of her efforts that she wolfed down the lot saying how yummy it was! Of course she didn’t touch her peas (I never hide veg without putting some very visibly on her plate as well in the hope that one day she will forget herself and take a big bite) but I feel quietly chuffed with my small and silent victory. Until next month, anyway :(.

TTFN xxxx