The thing about girls…

Anyone who believes all little girls want to be fairy princesses should see the delight on my two’s faces when daddy gets his old action men (and camo jeep) out of the loft. We once spent a couple of hours setting up higher and higher zip wires to see if we could get him to knock down a dvd wall and land in the drivers seat of the jeep (and we came close, we really did! Just his weight let us down… Maybe a career in engineering awaits one or both of them?). Barbie did get involved once, but not to be the girlfriend or eye candy- oh no! Action Man was stripped of his army uniform so that Barbie could wear it instead “because girls can go in the army too can’t they?” (maybe – though please God no as don’t think my nerves could take it! – one of them will be a soldier?). Their favourite tv programmes are Scooby Doo (we seem to like Velma a lot, Daphne is derided due to always getting kidnapped) and Fireman Sam (a lot of “rescues” get carried out in our house these days – maybe one of them will be firefighter or coastguard or something?). They both like doing hair (maybe a hairdresser?), dancing and tumbling (gymnast?), checking their teddies are well (doctor?), pretending to have babies in their tummies (mummy?) and “working hard” on the toy tablets and laptops and – when they are lucky – playing on our tablet with supervision (techie support analyst?). They LOVE to climb (to the detriment of my nerves yet again!) and run around with the football, but will spend as much time in the garden helping to clean out the numerous animals (farmers?) and nurturing the young ducklings (vets?).

So our girls have so many interests they can’t be easily pigeonholed into a category and I can’t fathom from one day to the next what they would like to be. I asked the eldest (age 5) and over the months wherein school has introduced them to to the concept of ambitions and careers she has given a variety of responses ranging from shop keeper, to pilot, to mummy, but this time her answer was less definite. She said she wanted to do what made her happy but she didn’t know what just yet because she was busy at the moment. “Why, what are you doing sweetheart?” I asked.

“Being a kid” she shrugged.20150415_164348 20150504_180053 20150405_123124 20150320_162511 20150302_152159 My little princesses are no angels lol!!!


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