Poonami (again)!

WARNING: This is a poo story people!!! Bail out now if you are of a nervous disposition…

So about a year ago I was writing about the plight of my eldest daughter as she went through month after month of severe constipation. Thankfully that resolved itself and I am pleased (if a little grudging) when I say the doctor was right and it was just a very, very, VERY long phase. But we appear to have gone from the sublime to the ridiculous with our youngest who never seems to stop pooing! And lately at extremely inopportune times.

We have, for example, just thrown out a carseat that she exploded in. Why didn’t we wash it you may ask, and reasonably so… Well I didn’t have the stomach to take a pic (lucky you) but if you had seen it you would know why. And this was with hubby as he went to collect big sproglett from school so he had two choices… Be a man and carry the poopetrator as she was too uncomfortable to walk or put her in the buggy to be condemned at a later date.

He went with the buggy option (as would I!).

Now official advice from so-called ‘experts’ (see the definition in http://stolensleep.com/2015/04/30/the-a-to-z-of-sleep-deprived-parenting/) has been relegated to the charity book sale shelf of sproglett’s school but their musings would have you believe that toddlers eating vegetables is a GOOD thing. The LIARS! If you want pasty, pongy, squidgy nappies then vegetables are your friend but when your toddler is arguing she is big enough to use the potty they are your arch nemesis. Or nemeses if you will, because this young urchin will greedily gulp every green, yellow, white or orange veggie that ventures anywhere near her plate (sweetcorn anyone?!) and it shows! When I first told my mum I was calling my youngest “Poppy” predictive text messaging kept changing it to “Poopy” and I laughed. Who knew predictive text could be that bloody accurate?!

TTFN xxxx


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