The grass is always greener or be careful what you wish for…

It doesn’t matter which way you phrase it the sentiment is the same and either way they are wise words – they didn’t become well beloved cliches for no reason. For several years I have been obsessed with the idea of getting a dog. I had fond memories of my family’s beautiful and slightly dizzy gold labrador and equally fond visions of my own little family getting a loyal and faithful four legged companion. Last week the dream came true and the reality is that sadly it is a bit of a nightmare… so young was I when our beautiful lab Sabre entered our lives that my memories of the sleepless nights due to howling and yapping, the stench of doggie doodles done in inappropriate places and tripping over high pitched squeaky toys have been much diminished as fourteen years worth of memories of a truly wonderful gentle giant ensued. I am sure that the sun will come out tomorrow and our sweet little lhasa ‘yap-so’ will soon enough become a similarly beloved family member, but between the cold-ridden toddler, constipated pre-schooler and noisy nocturnal pooch I am saddened to say this exciting time in our lives is proving to be less ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and more ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’!

He is still a little cutie though :).

TTFN xxxx


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