Father Christmas has no respect for personal space!!! :)

Sitting here in my living room I have the distinct feeling that it has somehow… shrunk.

I suspect many parents have experienced this phenomenon of late so I shall run through the symptoms. Suddenly no matter how much you tidy there is always something brightly coloured that doesn’t look like it fits in the room comfortably, the shelf unit is no longer just a storage space for toys and books but also provides a prop to lean additional toys and books up against, every other dvd that a cheeky monkey slings across the room as she helpfully rearranges them is still in its wrapper and suddenly the harmony in your living room is broken every five minutes by a burst of loud obnoxious music emitted by that ONE toy you haven’t yet figured out how to turn the @$!# off!

Yes it’s January, the glorious time of year where you are as overstuffed as a turkey and trying desperately hard to fit into old things. But I refer, in this instance, not to the annual wrestling match with old jeans but actually the wrestling match required to make all the presents delivered by a well meaning Father Christmas fit into the space that was already full!

It has to be said though, as well as shrunken rooms and sackfulls of presents, Father Christmas also left two very excited, very happy and very grateful little girls – so I think this year we’ll forgive him! 🙂

TTFN xxxx