Another reason two parent families should have a stay at home parent…

Little Izzy’s poorly with the bug that has been going round. She has had a temperature and lost her voice and is at times coughing to the point of being sick. Poppy is under the weather but touch wood seems to be holding it at bay bar the usual cold symptoms. Today (well, yesterday) was hard work with the two of them until they both settled into an uncharacteristic two hour nap. Tomorrow (um, today?) is going to be even harder… but it won’t be their mummy or daddy giving them their cuddles, or deciding when to give the calpol because mummy and daddy both have to work. Their nanny and granddad can have Izzy after preschool (preschool! She needs bed, not social interaction!) but because granddad is dependent on nanny since his stroke Poppy is too little to go to them so she will have to go to the childminder where she can pass her cold around and since she isn’t happy about me leaving her at the best of times she is certainly not going to be happy about being left while unwell. But what can I do? I am covering two colleagues this week, one on training, one on holiday in the run up to her wedding, so it’s not like I can be off. Darren’s team of five is already stretched paper thin and covering absences so he can’t be off. When I was a child my mum was at home anyway, so poorly days for me meant cuddles and stories and hot drinks and, if I was well enough, cheeky chocolate for being brave. For her it meant the housework didn’t get done that day but nobody was going to hold that against her. My dad would come home, sometimes with a book for me (oh the pleasure of a new book while snuggling under the duvet on the sofa when poorly), and would either take over with the cuddles or make the dinner. Never did I once need to hear the words “I know you’re poorly, baby, but mummy and daddy have to go to work now” and never did my parents have to figure out how best to deal with my illness in terms of practicalities. 😦

TTFN xxxx