Exciting times or the run up to a huge anticlimax… time will tell! :)

Well after some stern talkings to from some friends who have heard my creative side screaming to be let out of late and a bit of internal monologuing from my own good self I have set the ball rolling on something new and, for me, pretty ambitious. The dreaded troll of work loomed dark and ominous on the horizon and it seemed that with it came the sudden and very new urge to work for myself. Self-employment is not something which has ever appealed to me in the past,  being a creature who craves the security of a set paycheque each month, but here I am seeking a way to get the best of both worlds by working part time in the office and also setting up a little sideline for myself.

So here goes, the first ever public statement regarding my new endeavour…

I have just registered with my local authority to sell homebaked and decorated celebration cakes and fondant characters! I have begun work on the Facebook page “Cakes at The Sugar Pavilion” and hope to launch it properly once my registration is complete (in about a month). Eeek!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect it to be a money spinner, nor do I expect to be inundated with orders… I am very aware of the hoards of other cake decorators out there doing the same thing… but if I can just get the occasional request it will boost my self-esteem no end and pride in my heart is worth hundreds of pounds in my pocket any day of the week :).

Wish me luck!

TTFN xxxx