Sneaky mummy…

Our three year old daughter Izzy suffers terribly once a month from constipation and despite having once upon a time been a keen eater of fruit and veg is now vehemently against eating anything green, anything orange unless it is spaghetti or any apples.  In short all soluble fibre which might help her monthly problem is a strictly no go area!

Last night Darren and I once again went through the process of stroking her hair and holding her hand as she screamed and writhed as finally her body managed to evacuate itself of solid matter and finally we cooed and soothed as she sobbed that she had been very brave girl hadn’t she and fell into the best sleep she has had this week. We hate this problem with a passion. Not least because as a sufferer of IBS I know how she feels and how painful it can be and to see my baby suffering with it too is horrible. Doctors keep telling us that some kids just get constipated a lot and hand over a prescription for lactulose or movicol while Darren and I desperately try to convince her to just try some carrots or apple or brown bread.

Today Darren successfully got her to have brown bread toast (yay!) and I have pondered on how to get some fruit or veg into her. The answer was sitting in front of me in the cupboard… she loves spaghetti which at least takes care of one of her five a day (thank goodness for tomato sauce!) and I know tomato helps but beside that was one of Poppy’s jars of pureed carrots. Having sneakily decanted it into a bowl I asked Izzy if she wanted to help me cook her lunch… can rely on her to say yes every time! So she mixed in the secret sauce and added a touch of pepper from our broken pepper mill (she likes pepper but if she used the working one her dinner would have been covered so I add that for her at the end), put it in the microwave and counted as it turned, did more stirring and finally she served it up into a bowl to have with her fishfingers.  She was so proud of her efforts that she wolfed down the lot saying how yummy it was! Of course she didn’t touch her peas (I never hide veg without putting some very visibly on her plate as well in the hope that one day she will forget herself and take a big bite) but I feel quietly chuffed with my small and silent victory. Until next month, anyway :(.

TTFN xxxx


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