A lovely day out

Today was a fresh and fairly bright day and it seemed only right to make the most of it (after all, how much summer will we have left? Even more depressingly I only have one month of maternity leave left, but will mope about that nearer the time…) with a walk in our local woods. I grabbed supplies; juice, crayons, paper, a lunchbox (to stow any interesting leaves, pine cones, twigs etc., with which Izzy may later want to make a collage out of), wellies and the babysling so Poppy could see everything and so we didn’t have to stick to the path, and off we went!

As we meandered and half climbed over low tree branches my three year old Izzy seemed intent on telling me ghost stories (too much scooby doo methinks) and pointing out giant ants and even little Poppy was happily babbling away. Izzy was especially pleased when I caved in to her little upturned face and puppy eyes and pointed to a nearby muddle puddle (small pond!) nodded and told her “see how much you can splash!”. It turned out the answer was “A lot!” and she had the wet knees and muddy smears on her *cream!* top to show for it. But you know what – the look on her face was well worth it! I love seeing that girl smile! And I can’t wait til Poppy’s big enough to join in as her little legs were pedalling away excitedly as she watched. Next time, I am taking a picnic too and making a longer adventure out of it!

TTFN xxxx


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