Zombies are real and they live among us…

In movies we see them dragging dead legs and staring listlessly ahead, grunting and moaning and the reality is no different in that respect… however they are not the flesh devouring creatures from beyond the grave that we are all familiar with. Oh no, on the contrary if they had the energy to smile they would look permanently delirious with happiness! Why this strange contradiction? A simple difference in interpretation. You see, what Hollywood has depicted as zombies are in fact known to the real world by a far less threatening monika – parents.

Yes the joys are parenthood are well known and even better documented but despite this I feel the need to add my tuppence worth… you see I joined this not so exclusive club three years ago and in that time I have experienced joy and fatigue in equal measure… just as the end of the interrupted nights was in sight and our little girl, despite sleeping in our bed still, was at least SLEEPING, we began the rigmarole again as our second daughter arrived in the world. Yes, seven months ago a seemingly very HUNGRY baby joined our family and has fed her way through every night ever since :). Since then I have become the proud owner of a genuine diagnosis of exhaustion, pulled the cartilage around my sternum (coz she is a heavy little fidget bum and her three year old sister enjoys using me and daddy as climbing frames) and struggled to peel my eyes open some mornings – hence the hunched, limping, grunting mummy-zombie who exists before you today.

However also in the last three years I have cried with laughter more times than I could count (though never more than I care to remember), played with Barbie (did you know her boobs have shrunk?!), slid down slides (and sometimes got stuck), painted faces (including my own), rediscovered Scooby Doo, planned play dates and played with paint and glitter and pens (seriously my husband has actually stuck one of my own pieces of artwork up in our kitchen – and notably I have not taken it down as I am quite proud of it!) and run up and down the garden with the energy of a hyperactive… well, toddler, actually. I have not slept but I have played. I have not sat down but I have danced. I have not read a grown up book for months but I have listened to the musical sound of an enthusiastic three year old repeat the sentences I have read from Meg and Mog books and squeal with laughter as her baby sister literally tries to eat the book. I have not had a quiet day but I have experienced the sound of happy children and that beats every quiet day I have ever had hands down. 🙂


Take care.

TTFN xxxx




One thought on “Zombies are real and they live among us…

  1. I love this! I totally agree. Having babies is the best excuse ever to play again! I have recently rediscovered play doh – although Isla keeps squashing my masterpieces. And I love doing puppet shows for them with all the teddies, reading stories and playing hide and seek! Having two under 2 is tiring but definitely worth it. I have literally laughed at something almost every day since Isla was born. xxx

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