Trying not to laugh and wake Poppy…

My beautiful little six month old (really, already?) Poppy has put my ability not to burst into giggles to the test. She has fallen asleep while breastfeeding and as it is just me and her this afternoon I have not been in a hurry to move her. She is dreaming and has been sleepily peering under her eyelashes at me with unseeing eyes as she makes sense of the world around her and so I have been focussing on the little twiches and quiet but deep breathing. Suddenly she has let rip with an amazing, terribly unladylike and extremely unbabylike… erm, how to put this… sorry but fart, pump, botty burp – call it what you will but it was a huge explosion of windy proportions and as if that wasn’t enough to test me she even giggled in her sleep at the same time! So that is that – you now know my immature sense of humour extends readily to gassy bodily eruptions and that typing is the only way to stop the giggling that is threatening to jiggle her out of her very sound slumber! Sorry! 🙂

TTFN xxxx


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