Nine Little Ducks went swimming one day, a Christening and some sunshine!

Well this weekend was a long time coming and gone too soon but aside from being tiring it has been everything we could have hoped for! In chronological order rather than order of importance the first event was Friday when, bang on schedule, our duck Puddles’ nest sprang to life as six tiny ducklings hatched from their eggs. It is amazing how lively and quick they are right from the word go! It is also amazing how excited Darren was hehe! He made the discovery and literally bounded back into the house shouting “You have got to come and see this, she’s only bloody gone and done it!”. I must admit I couldn’t exactly say I demurely strolled out to see the root of the fuss, I didn’t even have time to grab my shoes before hurtling out after him to have a look! Anyone would have thought I half expected them to climb back into their shells if I took too long to get out there! The following morning we discovered another three had hatched, so nine ducklings in total to a very very proud mama duck. 

The other event of the weekend (remember chronologically speaking and not in termsdof importance) was Poppy’s Christening and the Friday and Saturday were apent largely preparing for that. The cake was hideously cursed it seemed after the adornments I had made in advance were left looking sticky and runny following an unhealthy meeting with water and so I had to rethink everything. Then the icing I bought went two ways… the pink (not the shade I wanted but the shop was all out so it would have to do) was sticky and soft so it couldn’t be modelled – every touch left a finger print in it and attempts to make rose petals had to be peeled from my fingertips with great difficulty which left them looking a gooey mess… then by contrast the white had dried and hardened in the packet and was quick to crack as I tried manipulating it. Grr! Well in the end it turned out looking pretty good although I did have to complete the top tier at 4am the morning of the Christening. And in the end nobody ate the bloody thing anyway! (Well actually Poppy made a grab for it while she had her picture taken next to it and tried to gum down the top tier while putting her foot in the bottom one! Don’t think it counts as eating but at least she showed willing!).

My girls were beautiful as ever and the ceremony was lovely, a laid back vicar and the sound of a west Indian service taking place in the next room made it all feel pleasant rather than sombre and Izzy remained still and happy all the way through. Poppy was a star though not chuffed about being handed to the vicar but then neither would I be hehe! Then back to ours for a buffet in the garden and the bright (and quite hot) sunshine capped off our lovely day. I won’t lie and say I would do it again tomorrow as I am still quite worn out hehe but it made some wonderful memories to share with Poppy when she is older.

Next mission… packing for our holiday next week eeep! 🙂

TTFN xxxx 


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