A clear head at last and countdown to the Christening

Well after a good start followed by a reasonably long absence I have finally shifted the labrynthitis and can read unimpeded by dizziness… hallelujah!  

We are now officially into the countdown for the Christening of baby Poppy… it is the day after tomorrow and (horror of horrors!) I still have yet to bake the cake! Actually it is even worse than that, I need to go and actually buy the ingredients for it so I am waaaay behind. Pretty much everything else is sorted but having to rethink the cake colours as Hobbycraft has continued on its losing streak and didn’t have the most basic pale pink colour I definitely wanted. Honestly am going to have to find a new place to buy my sugarpaste as this is not the first or even second time I have gone to find a very poor selection of colours. As it is I have had to buy several small packs of a fairly garish shade of pink, which, given that the theme colours are meant to be Beatrix Potter style watercolour shades, is a bit of a blow! Needless to say I will do all I can to make it work though. Starting stress now and from now until halfway through decorating I think I will wish it were not me making the cake at all! This opinion will no doubt only change as I near completion just as long as children are not screaming and I have more than ten minutes to spare!

TTFN xxxx


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