Somewhere between a rock and a hard place

Well it had to be done eventually and yesterday proved to be very trying as a result… childcare. That is the biggest hurdle facing most families nowadays because it is practically impossible to avoid it – I don’t work to enable us to afford fancy holidays or posh cars, I work to help pay the mortgage and bills and it winds me up when people imply I could stay at home if I truly wanted to. The truth is that I could stay home if I truly wanted to… not eat. Well yesterday was a day of looking into childcare options. £806 per month. That is the figure for having both girls looked after on a part time basis. PART TIME! How many mums work part time and even get paid that amount of money?! I am lucky as I will get a bit of change leftover in my pay packet from that but not enough to cover even half of the household bills. Well, I say lucky, I suppose if it outweighed my pay packet there would be no dilemma though there would be panic so I guess there is no lucky in the world of paid childcare.

So, how does everyone else do it? How does everyone cope with the pressure of sorting everything out? Answers on a postcard please because I am totally stumped! 😦

TTFN xxxx


3 thoughts on “Somewhere between a rock and a hard place

  1. It is a tricky one! I work from home which helps but still need childcare as my girls do not believe in nice long naps. Like you I need to work (once the maternity allowance stops) but cannot afford childcare for them both. Looking into a mixture of childminders, grandparents, cbeebies and working weekends. Which is rubbish as it.s the only quality time all together as family but no choice!

    • Yeah I work from home most of the week but like your two mine seem set against naps (perhapa it is a girlie thing, though I would happily have a nap midday if given the chance!). Xxxx

      • Me too. They don’t know how lucky they are! I was just starting to think it was just my girls. Cleo will have the odd half hour if i am lucky but Isla will only sleep in the car during the day…i guess i could type and drive…xx

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