Another beautiful day

Well today dawned late for me and Poppy after a bit of a restless night, but with our lay in came beautiful sunshine. Izzy was already up and dressed thanks to Darren so we had a bit of a stint in the garden before heading out for the day to get a few chores done and errands run.

After the boring stuff we decided to make the most of the sunshine and head to the park. Despite being a Tuesday it was packed but the mood was high and the sound of children’s delighted squeals and laughter rang through the air, along with a smattering of grown up voices calling the names of their excited little tearaways in a vain attempt to get them to come back! Must admit, mine and Darren’s voices mingled with others a fair bit as Izzy took off like a bat out of hell… she was on the run and nothing would stop her, except maybe… “Ice cream! Izzy, come here and we will go and get an ice cream!”. My first ninety-nine in over a year due to pregnancy followed by winter and the prospect of that sweet sticky goodness covered in nuts and chocolate sauce was about as exciting to me as it was to my two year old daughter hehe! 🙂

Ice creams eaten and it was time to play some more. Poppy had her first proper go on the swings, thanks to these ones being large enough to accommodate mummy’s bum (!) and enjoyed the feel of the damp grass between her toes and Izzy showed off her climbing skills (she is uncannily like a monkey at times!). I was proud – and slightly nervous – as she took off to show the big kids that anything they could do she could do better, but within minutes my own love of clambering around kicked in and I was instructing her on the best routes to take to ensure that even she of small stature could get as high as kids twice her size, with me stood behind and beneath her to ensure her safety of course, and telling her to “push up with your legs and just use your hands for guidance and grip” just as my climbing instructor had told me. 🙂

Bless her and Poppy, the afternoon was clearly too exciting as they fell asleep on the way home in the car. I wonder, will Poppy be as eager to climb and swing high and fast as her big sister? I suspect she will but only time will tell…

TTFN xxxx


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