The Good Life

I got my hands dirty today with a bit of planting in my new vegetable patch… the theory was to help Izzy planting the seeds but she didn’t find seed sowing all that interesting so I did it myself and thoroughly enjoyed the feel of the cold wet compost at my fingertips :). It was a good end to the day after a fabulous start.  Our beloved girls got us up at 5am and although I eventually managed to get Poppy back off and in doing so get a little more sleep myself poor hubby was not so lucky with Izzy and so began his day at that ungodly hour. The perk was that it gave him extra time and so he used it to make us all a delicious cooked breakfast. Honestly, just when you think you couldn’t possibly love a man more he goes and surprises you with grilled sausage and crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, beans and (sigh) good old fried bread! Well, everything in moderation! 🙂

TTFN xxxx


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