Daddy takes the helm…

I so wish my girls could write their own blogs, I would like to see what they would have to say about last night…

So I had tthe first lesson of a dressmaking course I am enrolled on which meant hubby needed to be housewife for a few three hours as I embarked on the weird and wonderful world of machine threading and seam sewing (oh yeah people, I sewed the hell outta that seam… crookedly and very slowly but still, the end result was in fact a seam as per my target so I was pleased with myself!). When I left, two little girls had had their dinner and hubby was just  eating his – in other words all was calm. When I got home I found a hubby with a very flushed face looking exceptionally hot and bothered as he “jigged” desperately with a flailing and very angry Poppy. Izzy was sitting calmly watching TV and trying to have an ill timed conversation with her poor discombobulated daddy and in him I saw what I myself probably look like at least once a day hehe! Was a lovely feeling to walk in and take Poppy only for her to go quiet and peace to reign once more though. Felt for a few moments like a very important person indeed! 🙂

TTFN xxxx


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