A brief introduction…

I am a thirty one year old mum of two… this is my first and most important statement because it is my most important job. My two beautiful girls keep me on my toes and at two years old and four months old respectively they run rings around me. I needn’t tell you that as it will become pretty evident very early on!

My next most important role is as a wife. I can’t call it a job as my wonderful husband does all the work! Honestly that is not something I am proud of and I do repeatedly make pacts with myself that tomorrow will be different and I will do the washing/washing up etc., but honestly the role of domestic goddess falls squarely on his shoulders as the domestic gene possessed by my gorgeous mum seems to have bypassed me completely! Give me baking, cooking or decorating (or more accurately design) and I am fine but that is as far as I seem to get before my domestic spirit level tips the balance in hubby’s favour. He says he likes to be busy but even I think my wifey report card should read “must try harder”.

I am a reformed job/career hopper. I have been a secretary, barmaid, reporter, estate agent, blah blah blah. I am now a finance and telephony manager (oooooh!). The job is complicated to explain though actually in practice is pretty simple. I basically keep tabs on the accounts and kick BT’s frequently infuriating corporate arse. A lot. That is the quick description but as I am on maternity leave at present it will be a while before you hear much about that!

My friends are few but awesome. It is their very awesomeness that means I do not require lots of them. No doubt a few of their stories will leak in here from time to time as well! 

That sums me up in a nutshell but I daresay anyone who takes the time to read this will pick up on quirks even I know nothing about! Apologies I  advance for any boring stuff but I don’t filter good, bad, exciting and boring for entertainments sake – I will write it as I see it and if I put you to sleep then you’re welcome and I wish you sweet dreams! 🙂 

TTFN xxxx


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